Repair Services
No matter if you're a beginner or professional, we are a complete source
for all of your instrument & electronic repair needs. At Hofman Music, we
offer a complete range of maintenance, repair & restoration services for
Piano, Band / Orchestra, Fretted / String, Percussion and Electronics.
There is no job too big or too small. Our repair services run full time with
multiple technicians repairing hundreds of items each year. Each
instrument is given the time needed to make the repair correctly. Our
goal is to ensure that you receive the best service possible. We are
always available for repair estimates on an item you already own or even
one that you may be considering purchasing.

Please contact us with any questions. We can be reached at
(985) 446-8742 . While we try to answer questions the best we can over
the phone, it’s best that you bring the item into the store, so we can give
you a more accurate estimate, quote, or value. We always try our best to
give an honest assessment, even if that means a repair may not be the
most cost effective solution. You can rest assure, we will never try to sell
you repairs you don’t need. But we will give you expert service, advice,
and honest opinions from the professional on staff.

We look forward to working with you!
Our Repairs Technicians have seen a lot over the years, but
they still see something new almost every day. Here are some
questions they get asked often.

How do I extend the life of my instrument?

A: It's all about maintenance. From rehearsal to gig night, the
world is a dangerous place and no instrument is safe. If you
want your instrument alive and kicking for years to come,
regular setups and professional repairs are a must.

Does temperature and humidity affect my instrument?

A: Unless it's made of graphite, environmental factors
definitely make a difference. Depending on where you live, the
severity of the effects varies. Extremes of temperature or
humidity, as well as drastic shifts between extremes, will take
more of a toll and require more frequent setups.

How often should I get my instrument looked at, or have a tune-
up/setup done?

A: Sure, wear and tear is normal especially when you play your
instrument often. But a little T.L.C. will ensure your musical
gear continues to look, play and sound amazing for years. If
you're getting anything short of perfect performance from your
instrument, it's time to get it checked out. Generally, We
suggest it's a good idea to have a setup done at least once a
year, just to keep everything running smoothly. Just like a car
or any other machine, preventive maintenance is important in
keeping it in top working order and repair bills to a minimum.
Also, young players often do not know when an instrument's
performance is degraded due to neglect and will spend
months "fighting" with it. Our annual maintenance puts the
instrument back in top playing shape. Our friendly and
knowledgeable staff is always happy to speak with other local
musicians and setting up a quick appointment for your
instrument will do wonders for your musical enjoyment.

What to do when my mouthpiece is stuck?

A: Run, don't walk, to someone who knows what they are doing.
Do-it-yourself options frequently mean expensive repairs, so
don't do it! Bring your instrument into the shop. You need a
device called a “mouthpiece puller” designed to correctly
remove the mouthpiece without trashing the instrument. We'll
know if you tried the old vise grip trick (and so will your wallet),
so don't do it! With brass instruments, the mouthpiece often
binds because of dirt and crud in the bore. Another frequent
cause is the habit of “popping” the mouthpiece into place with
the palm of the hand.

How often should I change guitar strings?

A: How often you need to replace your strings depends on how
often you play, climate conditions, type and quality of string,
etc. Generally, every three to four weeks is about right, but if
you play hard and often, you'll want to change strings as soon
as they start to feel grungy or lose tuning stability.

What are some things to make my guitar better?

A: There are countless ways to take your guitar to the next
level. For those of you who find the action is higher than it
once was, a truss rod adjustment is definitely in order. Or,
maybe you want to personalize the look and sound of your
guitar, in which case, our technician will be more than happy to
swap out your pickups for a new set, upgrade your hardware,
replace the pickguard or perform any other task to make your
instrument truly your own. Save yourself time and ensure that
the job gets done right. We will listen to your wish list and help
you turn your musical dreams into reality.
Larry Martin
Band Instrument Repair / Piano Tuning
Scott Hoffmann
Speaker / Cable Repair
Joshua LaRose
Guitar / String Instrument Repair
Rodger Shelton
Electronic Repair