Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Hofman Music?

A: We are a small, independent music store located in the heart of
Thibodaux, Louisiana. You will find us at the corner of Jackson St. & West
7th St. For 60 years, we have been a top quality resource for musicians &
families, to find amazing gear and to have exceptional repair work done.
Whether it is your child's first band instrument, or your dream grand
piano. We strive to provide the very best gear and service around. What
sets us apart from other stores, is our excellent customer service,
unique gear, our knowledgeable staff, and our dedication to helping you
get exactly what you're looking for.

We have a amazing array of gear in our store, at many different price
points, the introductory “starter guitar” is treated with the same care as
the “Top of the Line” guitar. All used and consignment gear is carefully
assessed by our staff and experts, before it goes on the floor or online.
We are happy to do custom & special orders for our customers. Our
Repair Shop is top notch, from mods to full restorations, you will not find
a more qualified group of people to work on your instrument. Thibodaux
and the surrounding area has a vibrant community and we are proud to
be part of it. We love playing music and we want you to as well!

Does Hofman Music have other locations?

A: We are only located at 630 Jackson St. in Thibodaux. We did have a
Houma location at 1050 W. Tunnel Blvd. from 1988 – 2004, but
unfortunately it permanently closed due to constant flooding.

What is Hofman Music's phone number and address?

A: Our phone number is 985-446-8742, and our address in 630 Jackson St.
Thibodaux LA, 70301

What are the store hours?

A: Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
We also observe the following holidays
New Year's
Martin Luther King Day
Mardi Gras
Independence day
Labor Day

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

A: We accept several different payment methods to meet all of our
customers needs.
American Express
PayPal (online sales only)

I want more information about a product I found on your website. Who
should I contact?

A: All of the products on our website reside in-store when available.
Simply contact us by phone, Facebook Message, or Contact Us section on
our website. We ALWAYS suggest contacting us during our regular
business hours, for the quickest reply to your questions.

Can I pickup online orders in-store?

A: We offer in-store pickup for purchases from our website. A couple
things to keep in mind:
1. Contact us and let us know you will picking up the purchase.
2. For security reasons, you will need to bring the following with you to
complete your in-store pickup. You will need a copy of the Paypal
invoice/receipt and a Valid Driver's license.
3. To protect our customers, we will ask you to sign a "pick up" document
and verify your signature with the signature on your ID and Credit Card.
Our customer's security is our #1 priority!"

I want to make a purchase, but do not live in the USA. How can I buy from
Hofman Music?

A: Our sincerest apologies but our store does not ship internationally at
this time.

Do you offer Gift Cards?

A: We do! You can order over the phone, or just visit us in-store.

: Does Hofman Music offer financing?

A: We offer financing through several companies for purchases of $300
and over. Currently, their is a 12 month interest free financing plan, upon
credit approval. This offers interest free financing on purchases if paid
in-full within 12 months. You can apply for financing in-store only.

Is layaway available?

A: Just place 20% down and pay off the balance in 90 days. Layaway is
available on new and used items, and available for in-store customers
only. Layaway is not available on consignment gear.

Does Hofman Music offer appraisal services?

A: If you just want to know what something might be worth, just stop by
the store and ask or knowledgeable staff. For formal insurance and other
appraisals, it is $25 for most instruments, and $35 for most vintage
instruments, Archtop Guitars, Upright Basses, Violins, and Cellos (due to
time involved in authenticating some internal parts). Acoustic Pianos are
a case by case basis. If you would like a complete set of digital
photographs on CD to accompany the appraisal, it is an additional $50
service fee. To schedule an appraisal, just stop by or give us a call at

Do you offer trades and consignment? Do you buy used gear?

A: All of our trades, consignments, and used purchases are evaluated on
a case by case basis. Feel free to contact us by phone, Facebook
Message, or Contact Us section on our website. We ALWAYS suggest
contacting us during our regular business hours, for the quickest reply to
your questions.

Is our store climate controlled?

A: Yes, this not only insures you a comfortable place to shop, but it keeps
all of our inventory and instrument repairs at the proper temperature and
humidity for optimum playability and tone.

Are the instruments on your site where people can play them?

A: In most cases, yes! We are a real “brick and mortar” store, not a
warehouse. So the instruments are generally on display so customers can
see them and try them out. There will be brands that we have more stock
of. If this is a concern for you, just give us a call. We will be more than
happy to check if we have extra stock, or give you a detailed in-hand
description of a specific instrument. We also special order instruments if
you can not find the instrument or brand you are looking for on our site or
in-store. We can typically get anything our customer desires.

Why do we display the instruments?

1. If you see something on our website and you live in the area, or are
traveling through, stop by and check out our comfortable store. We keep
our web inventory updated regularly, and while this is no guarantee the
instrument on the site will be here when you arrive, it does allow you to
"window shop" before you call or come in. We do not have separate web
and store inventories. Everything we have in our inventory is for sale
whether you are in Alaska or you live just down the street!
2. Displaying the instruments in the store, also allows us to inspect each
instrument as it comes in, and set each instrument to the highest of
3. It gives our staff time to get to know each instrument. Even the same
model instruments can have slightly different nuances. Having our staff
know our gear ensures we can help you find exactly the sound you are
4. Due to health and safety reasons, you will never find a band instrument
on display in the store. All band instruments are kept new in box, but we
are more than happy to open one for you to inspect or purchase.

Does Hofman Music charge sales tax?

A: We are required by law to charge sales tax if you purchase in-store. If
ordering online and you live in Louisiana, we must charge you sales tax.

Is buying from Hofman Music online safe?

A: Absolutely! But like anything, its not perfect. We do our best to ensure
the highest standards of security so your transactions are safe. We never
store any credit card information at our store or on our site. Also PayPal is
the world leader in e-commerce payment processing and they help us
with that part of the transaction. Because PayPal takes security so
seriously, many of the worlds largest retailers trust them with their online
transactions. So you can rest assure our customers are in good hands.
"Our customer's security is our #1 priority!"

Is Hofman Music Hiring?

A: We do not hand out Job Applications, but you can come to the store
and leave a resume with us at your convenience. Please feel free to
include a cover letter, also highlight your customer service and/or music
experience. Our Store Management will review and contact you to set up
an interview, or we will keep your resume on file for future consideration
when a position becomes available.